A history of israel since 1947

It refers to the mass exodus of at leastArabs from Palestine. Though most believe this event began inin fact, Al Nakba began decades earlier. As well as preventing them from returning.

A history of israel since 1947

Since that action coincided with Passover, the Romans allowed pilgrims to enter the city but refused to let them leave—thus strategically depleting food and water supplies within Jerusalem.

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Within… Character of the city Jerusalem plays a central role in the spiritual and emotional perspective of the three major monotheistic religions. For all three faiths it is a holy city, a centre of pilgrimageand an object of devotion.

The Mount of Olives is in the background. Arabs in traditional and modern attire; Christians, Western and Oriental, in their infinite variety of secular garb and monastic vestments; Jews in casual and Orthodox dress; and hosts of tourists combine in colourful, kaleidoscopic patterns.

Sunlight falling on the white and pink stone used for all construction gives even quite mundane buildings an aura of distinction. The scent of cooking and spices, the peal of church bells, the calls of muezzins from minarets, and the chanting of Jewish prayers at the Western Wailing Wall all add flavour to the life of the city.

The absence of vehicular traffic within most of the Old City helps preserve its special character. Yet outside the walls Jerusalem is in every sense a modern city, with its network of streets and transportation, high-rise buildings, supermarkets, businesses, schools, restaurants, and coffeehouses.

A history of israel since 1947

The persistent mingling of Hebrew, Arabic, English, and other languages in the streets brings to mind the multicultural and political complexities of life in this revered city.

The modern unified city is the largest municipality in Israel or the West Bank and is the heart of an urban agglomeration that spills outside the city limits into adjacent areas of both jurisdictions.

At the centre of the modern municipality is the Old City, a walled medieval enclosure of less than half a square mile roughly one square kmfrom which the entire city has grown.

To the east the city looks down on the Dead Sea and across the Jordan River to the arid mountains of eastern Jordan the biblical mountains of Moab. To the west it faces the coastal plain and the Mediterranean Seaabout 35 miles 60 km away. Climate Jerusalem has a mixed subtropical semiarid climate with warm dry summers and cool rainy winters.

The average annual precipitation is about 24 inches mmand snowfalls—which in some years do not occur—are generally light. Average daily humidity is about 62 percent in the daytime but may drop 30 to 40 percent under sharav conditions. Jerusalem has no serious air pollution. Its elevation ensures the free mixing of surface air, and, apart from automobile exhaust, pollutant sources are few, for there is little heavy industry.

Plant and animal life Lying on the watershed between the relatively rainy Hare Yehuda Hills of Judaea and the dry Judaean desert, Jerusalem has both Mediterranean and Irano-Turanian vegetation.

The various red and brown Mediterranean soils, formed by the different types of limestone chalk covering the hills, support as many as 1, plant species. In the spring, masses of wildflowers proliferate on slopes and wastelands.A History of Zionism and the Creation of Israel - Zionism in Jewish thought, the Holocaust, the Conflict and the claims of anti-Zionists.

Jun 20,  · Israel has had a long history of friendly relations with black African countries. Since , when Israel turned the area over to its control quotes historian Benny Morris’s unconventional position attributing the flight of Palestinians in more to the actions of Jewish forces than the instructions of the.

Israel didn't just commit a war crime in but continues to commit one to this day. SALMAN ABU SITTA. AUTHOR, ATLAS OF PALESTINE a Syrian leader living in Haifa since , began calling for an armed revolt against the British and the Zionists.

Zionist leaders and military commanders met regularly from March to March Israel (/ ˈ ɪ z r i ə l, ˈ ɪ z r eɪ ə l /; Hebrew: יִשְׂרָאֵל ‬; Arabic: إِسْرَائِيل ‎), officially the State of Israel, is a country in the Middle East, located on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red yunusemremert.com has land borders with Lebanon to the north, Syria to the northeast, Jordan on the east, the Palestinian.

Thus when the partition plan was announced in it included land held illegally by Jews, which was incorporated as a fait accompli inside the borders of the Jewish state. U.S. Policy towards Palestine and Israel since and WARRIORS AGAINST ISRAEL: “It is simply extraordinary and without precedent that Israel’s history, its.

The Land of Israel (also known as the Holy Land or Palestine) is the birthplace of the Jewish people, the place where the Hebrew Bible was composed and the birthplace of Judaism and yunusemremert.com contains sites sacred to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Samaritanism, Druze and the Bahá'í Faith..

The region has come under the sway of various empires and been home to a variety of ethnicities.

The History of Israel - A Chronological Presentation - The Establishment of Israel