Code backprojection thesis appendix

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Code backprojection thesis appendix

Navigating earthquake physics with high-resolution array back-projection Citation Meng, Lingsen Navigating earthquake physics with high-resolution array back-projection. Progress toward this goal has been slow due to the gap between state-of-art earthquake simulations and the limited source imaging techniques based on conventional low-frequency finite fault inversions.

Code backprojection thesis appendix

Seismic array processing is an alternative source imaging technique that employs the higher frequency content of the earthquakes and provides finer detail of the source process with few prior assumptions.

While the back-projection provides key observations of previous large earthquakes, the standard beamforming back-projection suffers from low resolution and severe artifacts.

This thesis introduces the MUSIC technique, a high-resolution array processing method that aims to narrow the gap between the seismic observations and earthquake simulations.

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The method has not been widely used in seismology yet because of the nonstationary and incoherent nature of the seismic signal. The improved MUSIC back projections allow the imaging of recent large earthquakes in finer details which give rise to new perspectives on dynamic simulations.

In the Tohoku-Oki earthquake, we observe frequency-dependent rupture behaviors which relate to the material variation along the dip of the subduction interface. In the off-Sumatra earthquake, we image the complicated ruptures involving orthogonal fault system and an usual branching direction.

This result along with our complementary dynamic simulations probes the pressure-insensitive strength of the deep oceanic lithosphere.

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In another example, back projection is applied to the M7 Haiti earthquake recorded at regional distance. The high-frequency subevents are located at the edges of geodetic slip regions, which are correlated to the stopping phases associated with rupture speed reduction when the earthquake arrests.Global Backprojection for Imaging of Targets Using M-sequence UWB radar system Binod shrestha & Madhava Reddy Kota Thesis work describes the present available methods for positioning and imaging targets using Appendix&A&.

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thesis, using the parallel-beam backprojection algorithm [2] as an example, we discuss FPGA memory architectures for data intensive image processing applications. Another issue for hardware design is .

Matlab source code for the filtered backprojection algorithm and the Feldkamp-Davis-Kress algorithm is included in an appendix.

1 Introduction. Learning, knowledge, research, insight: welcome to the world of UBC Library, the second-largest academic research library in Canada. Ph.D. Thesis Springer Japan The majority of the simulations were performed in the Wolfram Mathematica environment, and the compact source code is provided as a substantial and integral part of the book.

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