Explaining professional wrestling as being a sport

Double turn the rare occurrence when both the heel and the face switch roles during an angle or a match. Draw a wrestler who is able to attract the attention of the audience; someone fans are willing to pay to see. Drop when a wrestler is booked to lose to a contender the loser agreed to drop the match to the winner.

Explaining professional wrestling as being a sport

He was one of the leading good guys on the circuit, and while legitimate athletes might dismiss his vocation as theater rather than sports, he found solace in his income.

Despite his success, Cowboy Bill felt that his prospects as a good guy were limited. The current world heavyweight champion, or, at least, the one recognized as such by the eastern promoters, was a squat, hatched-nosed opera lover named Bruno Sammartino.

Sammartino was firmly established as the leading paragon of humility and clean living, and the Cowboy knew that he could not hope to dent the affection in which the wrestling public held him.

Nor could he hope to dethrone the champion, for promoters rarely match one good guy against another good guy. He and Sammartino had been working together in a series of tag-team matches—bouts that pit two-man teams against each other. One night, with treacherous suddenness, the Cowboy had converted to a bad guy; in a televised match he abruptly turned on the champion, stamping on him and swearing at him.

Fans spat at him, stoned him with chunks of ice and mailed him death threats.

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Old ladies jabbed him with hatpins. Old men burned their cigars into his flesh. He would wrestle seven times in six days twice on Saturdayand the following Monday take on Sammartino himself—in Madison Square Garden.

Not match is dearer to the hearts of wrestling promoters than one that has overtones of ethnic warfare, and there is a fairly brisk demand for Negro wrestlers, virtually all of whom are good guys.

Although promoters prefer their crowds intense, to employ Negroes as villains before white audiences would be to invite a lynching. In Canada, a nation less conscious of a distinction between races, a bleached-blond Negro named Sweet Daddy Siki is able to work as a villain, but when he crosses into the States he is transformed into a good guy.

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While waiting for their matches to start, the bad guys slumped on benches, wearing only their undershorts, their bellies big and their mouths clenching cigars. A short man in a purple polo shirt that announced in gold letters, I AM RIGHT, stood in the center of the room, decrying the increasingly homicidal mood of the wrestling crowds.

Explaining professional wrestling as being a sport

Fifty-five, his ears thick with cauliflower from his days as a wrestler, his name is Wild Red Berry, and he is said to have become a near-millionaire by shrewdly investing his ring earnings.

He keeps his hand in the game by seconding Waldo Von Erich, a villain billed as the champion of Germany, and Gorilla Monsoon, allegedly a Manchurian emigrant. We have to be fit for ourselves to know. A mustachioed, walnut-colored Puerto Rican named Frank Martinez departed from the dressing room for the first bout, making his way up a ramp overhung by chicken wire, which intercepts thrown objects.

A handful of "specials"—house cops—flanked Martinez.

Explaining professional wrestling as being a sport

Martinez, though destined to be pinned in a matter of 17 minutes, quickly goaded the crowd to life by lifting the Carolinian by his ears and dashing him to the canvas.

En route back to his dressing room, he also threatened to punch a vituperative old lady in a purple print dress. The Cowboy left for his match a short time later—the main event often takes place midway in the show, thus giving the principal villain a chance to escape the arena ahead of the crowd.

Behind a flying wedge of 15 policemen, Watts plowed up the ramp toward the ring.I walked past the stage and sat down at the bar, the neon lights illuminating my pink teddy, shadowed eyes, and crimson lips.

I ordered my first drink of the night and took inventory of the club. There were a few listless customers scattered around, hunching over bar stools, and a dancer circling the pole.

During a North Country wrestling meet held at Soukerry, England, the year old William Richardson of Caldbeck scores his first professional wrestling victory.


By his own admission, Nick Kyrgios doesn't like tennis all that much. There's no denying the Australian No. 1 is very good at it, though. Kyrgios, 23, is in fine form. Professional wrestling has accrued a considerable amount of slang, in-references, and jargon.

Much of it stems from the industry's origins in the days of carnivals and circuses, and the slang itself is often referred to as "carny talk.". Rhode Island Spirits will produce under the Rhodium brand name and expects to distill the equivalent of 30, milliliter bottles of gin, vodka and liqueurs in the first year.

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