Future trends and challenges in hr management

Future Global Trends Affecting Your Organization Engaging and Integrating a Global Workforce Challenges for human resource management and global business strategy More than ever in history, companies and organizations today face both the opportunity and the challenge of employing global workforces that diverge in age, gender, education and culture. This paper has shown how and why workforces will continue to comprise these differing attributes, as well as the advantages and pitfalls. This section presents the challenges human resources managers face when ensuring that their organizations succeed in the global environment.

Future trends and challenges in hr management

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The work of HR in hospitals and clinics can help retain nurses by addressing the changing demands of the workforce, making their organizations more attractive to current employees, and ensuring supervisor-employee relationships are flourishing.

Employee Burnout The issue of employee burnout is tangled up in the issues of staff shortages and turnover. Burnout is caused in part by staffing shortages, and it has a compounding effect on employee turnover.

On top of that, burnout has a negative impact on both patient care and patient safety, as emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion leaves providers doctors and nurse practitioners included unable to perform their best.

Recent surveys have found that burnout rates for nurses are as high as 70 percentwhile burnout rates for doctors and nurse practitioners can reach as high as 50 percent. These statistics reflect an epidemic, the ramifications of which include poorer patient health.

Patients can see the impact of burnout, too; they report lower satisfaction rates in facilities where burnout rates are higher. Those decreased satisfaction rates could be the result of emotional distance on the part of clinicians. Burnout tends to create a disconnect between providers and patients, with providers developing unfriendly, cynical, and less empathetic attitudes.

This disconnect makes them less sympathetic to the needs of patients and leaves everyone involved unhappy about the experience. See how BambooHR can help you focus on employee engagement and retention There are a few other factors that contribute to burnout as well.

Among them is feeling underappreciated, underutilized and as though they lack authority. Workload also has a lot to do with burnout rates. Nurse-to-patient ratios range anywhere from 1: HR professionals need to be aware of the effects an overworked and under-supported staff can have on patient care.

Future trends and challenges in hr management

There is currently a nationwide push for safe staffing legislation, which would mandate hospitals to keep the nurse-to-patient ratios within safer limits. But in the meantime, HR in healthcare can alleviate some of the burnout with reward and recognition strategies as well as training programs to increase job satisfaction among employees.

Training and Development As mentioned previously, employees in the medical field today are looking to learn new skills and gain access to advancement opportunities. And providing this kind of employee engagement is a critical job of HR in the healthcare industry.

Many in the nursing profession intend to further their careers by becoming nurse practitioners, doctors, or nursing managers, and more and more often they expect help along that journey from their employers.

Providing the career development employees desire can be costly, but the costs of hiring and training replacements are far higher. Training employees is an investment, and it pays dividends on the other end, both in retained employees and in their increased capability.

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Future trends and challenges in hr management

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