How to write an equation in center radius form

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How to write an equation in center radius form

Tuesday, August 2, Flat Earth Follies: How to derive 8" per mile squared and why it's wrong From the Pythagorean theorem we have the relationship: Below is the geometry for this equation. You can understand from this that there is NO distance the length of 'a' from which you could NOT draw a line back to the center of the Earth.

Some people seem to think that you can give this equation a distance value that is "too big" bigger than one radius usuallythis is clearly wrong. Drop height CAN be far far greater than the radius of the Earth once you understand what you are measuring.

I was incorrect in which mathematical approach was used, see Addendum below for the similar method Rowbotham documented, but I doubt his was the original method.

I'll let this stand as it is the same fundamental approach and formula both ways and this is a nice way to let Wolfram Alpha do the work for us so we can see how this term comes out of the mathematics.

For measurements along Earth's Equatorial radius For measurements along Earth's Average radius The equation of a circle C is x plus 3 squared plus y minus 4 squared is equal to What are its center h, k and its radius r?

So let's just remind ourselves what a circle is. Nov 25,  · Yes. First draw a diameter through the circle's center. Label as A and B the points where the diameter intersects the circle.

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Then use a compass to draw two arcs within the circle, one centered on point A and the other centered on point B. Use the same radius for each arc, a radius approximately equal to the circle's radius.

If the equation of a circle is in the standard form, we can easily identify the center of the circle, (h, k), and the radius, r. Note: The radius, r, is always positive. Given a circle on the coordinate plane, Sal finds its standard equation, which is an equation in the form (x-a)²+(y-b)²=r².

how to write an equation in center radius form

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