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Abstract In this phenomenological study, thematic analysis was used to gain a better understanding of the lived experience of six Iranian-Americans who left Iran for safety and a better life.

Ohiolink thesis

We accept multiple formats and multiple files per paper, such as a main PDF file with supplementary data files and video clips.

The list of acceptable formats is an institutional decision. As an overall rule, OhioLINK recommends file formats that are platform-independent, vendor-independent, non-proprietary, stable, widely supported. The same criteria apply to audio and video codecs and other embedded software.

PDF files should have all fonts embedded and may not disable printing or text access. We currently recommend the H. Comma-separated values or other delimited text OhioLINK strongly discourages the use of HTML unless authors take considerable care in ensuring that their markup conforms to published standards and that their use of links and inline images can stand alone in the ETD Center.

For reasons of long-term accessibility and preservation, OhioLINK strongly discourages documents in Ohiolink thesis file formats such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

OhioLINK will not accept executable binary files if alternatives are available. How do I submit my thesis or dissertation? Each institution may have a set of defined requirements for print submission, but the common process is to use the OhioLINK ETD form to submit a thesis or dissertation.

Once the document has been submitted, your institution will be notified via e-mail. How is the ETD approved?

Ohiolink thesis there, the institution can modify or correct any of the submitted fields. Corrections can be made to names, dates, degrees, etc. The institution designates online when a paper is approved, and the ETD system immediately moves the paper into the publicly accessible site or holds it until the embargo date.

This can be controlled by the student and institution during the submission and approval processes. This will be evident by the choices you are allowed during your ETD Center submission process.

What is your publication agreement? Our publication agreement is found in the submission process. Please take a moment to read and understand it before submitting your ETD.

Ohiolink thesis

When will my ETD be published? Can I delay publication? Ordinarily, your ETD will be published when your thesis office confirms the information in your submission and approves it for publication. Some schools or departments allow you to request a publication delay until a specific date, called an embargo.

This embargo can give you time to discuss future publication options, pursue patent applications, or address other proprietary interests before the full text of the ETD is made freely available from the ETD Center. Can I publish a book based on my ETD? Some students prepare books based on, or related to, their theses and dissertations.

If you think you might do this, you should check with publishers in your field to determine their policies about books based on Internet-accessible ETDs before submitting your ETD.

Some publishers consider open access ETDs to be previously published manuscripts and will not consider them for publication.

Ohiolink thesis

This is most frequently the case in the arts and humanities, and is especially true of creative writing theses. If recommended by a publisher and allowed by your program, you may wish to request a publication delay while the publisher considers your book project.

Publishing an ETD on the Internet often leads to greater sales of books based on it. Indeed, having an electronic work available on the Internet, and showing a publisher a large number of electronic accesses to that work, may help you land a book contract.

Usually, books that relate to theses or dissertations turn out to be significantly changed as part of the editorial process.

This makes it likely that those interested in your work will buy your book when it comes out, even if they have reviewed your ETD. What should I know about copyright and my ETD? Copyright is a form of legal protection for original works of authorship, including works published online.

Copyright applies to a work as soon as it is created in a tangible form, such as being saved to an electronic file.

Your ETD is automatically protected by copyright, although you may choose the additional protection of registering your copyright. For further copyright information, please see the U.

Copyright Office Frequent Asked Questions. Please consult with your thesis office about when and how to document your permission to use such materials.OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) contains over 58, theses and dissertations from students at 31 of Ohio’s world-renowned academic institutions.

In , Google thanked OhioLINK for making ETD open-access content easier to find by Google Scholar. Rockwood, Nicholas.

"Advancing the Formulation and Testing of Multilevel Mediation and Moderated Mediation Models." Electronic Thesis or Dissertation. Ohio State University, OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center. 10 Sep The Collab Lab is the place to go for graduate students who need assistance with formatting and submitting their approved thesis or dissertation.

From embedding fonts to filling out the submission form in the OhioLINK ETD database, Collab Lab staff are available to provide in-person assistance with electronic theses and dissertations. It is the responsibility of the student's thesis or dissertation committee to judge the acceptability of the thesis/dissertation from all standpoints, including writing quality, neatness, mechanical considerations, and technical and professional competency.

Committee members attest to acceptability when they sign the ETD Approval Form. What is the OhioLINK ETD Center? The ETD Center is a free, online database of Ohio's undergraduate, masters and doctoral theses and dissertations from participating OhioLINK member schools. It contains the abstract for .

OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) contains over 58, theses and dissertations from students at 31 of Ohio’s world-renowned academic institutions. In , Google thanked OhioLINK for making ETD open .

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