Pakistan petrol essay

You can help by adding to it. August Recent events[ edit ] Highlights for [ edit ] Sales Rs Rising international prices and depreciation of the rupee against US dollar coupled with the positive oil-to-gas sales mix attributed to this profitability to rise all-time high earning per share of PKR There were 25 producing wells out of which 15 were shut-in.

Pakistan petrol essay

In this situation Pakistan has the massive number of CNG filling stations. But nowadays, Pakistan is facing CNG crisis. According to the Pakistani Government, the reason of load-shedding of CNG is only for winter seasons because the gas freezing in the pipes and its pressure becomes very low.

There is a sharp increase in the use of CNG vehicles as well, but the Government, production of gas is not seeing any increments with that percentage. He promoted the use of CNG as an alternative to petrol.

The government also encouraged setting up CNG stations to ensure there were enough in every region to meet the demands. As a result, many people took this opportunity to set up CNG stations, and in some neighborhoods, one could be found after every few meters.

Due to this, the residents of the area did not receive enough natural gas during high peak seasons. Majority of public transporters in Pakistan do not do their transport business on CNG during these days because CNG is not available, at about three or four days in a week, this causes not only a great loss to the transporters themselves but the life of the commoners is also affected badly.

The students face difficulty in going to their educational institutes due to the in availability of transport. School and office staff that uses the public transport reaches their offices late, and this happens more often. Patients suffering from fatal diseases die, due the in availability of transport to the hospitals during the days CNG is not available.

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Same is the case with small level businesses, due to CNG load-shedding and public is extremely insulted at the Government due to the on-going CNG load-shedding. Moreover, at this moment is the right time to work out this crisis and Government must take the serious steps to resolve this serious issue otherwise this problem will gone out of the margin.Pakistan Petroleum Limited (Reporting name: PPL or PP) is a multinational, global competitive and one of the largest state-owned mega-corporation of Pakistan.

It was incorporated on 5 June Lack of petrol and diesel and oil crisis while the easy availability of CNG and its properties like it pollutes the air much lesser than oil, became the factors which influenced the public with a CNG revolution.

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we are also suffering. Pakistan’s economic growth is quite slow. Inflation is at its highest, while the interest rates are at their highest. This is due to low lending levels for the overall purchasing power of the consumer is weak. Essay increasing the price of petrol They have price of ron97 is increase in australia, term paper and diesel by one of oil prices.

South african petrol is the best way . Pakistan in one of those countries which don’t have a very well equipped and stable infrastructure of the Energy sector for which it is not developed properly and that is one major problem of Pakistan and core reason for which the country is facing sever and alarming energy crisis from the past one decade.

Pakistan petrol essay
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