The negative effects of a polygamous lifestyle

News Fri May 30, - While information has since surfaced to suggest that the phone call was hoax, Texas child-protection services continue their investigation.

The negative effects of a polygamous lifestyle

Polygamy Introduction Polygamy involves having more than one husband or wife; multiple marriage. This is a controversial issue and has been made illegal in some countries.

The vast majority of polygamy worldwide is rooted in religious belief. Most commonly, in the United States, people associate polygamy with Mormonism.

However, world wide, Polygamy is far more associated with Islam.

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According to Islam, every Muslim male is authorized up to four wives. Polygamy is practiced by millions of people, and the idea that it is just something associated with mormons is false. So, what are the risks polygamy can have on the psychological health of participants?

Polygamy is the practice of having numerous husbands or wives. 11/10/ AM THE POSITIVE EFFECTS OF LEGALIZING POLYGAMY: “LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING” EMILY J. DUNCAN* INTRODUCTION Long thought to be a hidden, rare, and cultish phenomenon, polygyny is in fact practiced by an estimated 30, to , people in North America.1 It has recently been the focus of an FBI “Most Wanted” . Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Effect of Polygamous Marital Structure on Behavioral, Emotional, and Academic Adjustment in Children: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature | Polygamy. Nov 10,  · The main effect of polygamy is the creation of a class of men who can't find wives. There are roughly equal numbers of men and women in the world. Every time a man takes 4 wives, 3 other men can't.

In its most common form, polygamy is patriarchal; there is one husband and several wives. For the most part, at least in Canada and the United States, it is quite rare although recently making a comeback thanks to popular tv shows showing a positive side to it ; this is particularly true in the West.

In its illegal form polygamy is referred to as bigamy; the marriage to more than one person, often without the knowledge and consent of all parties.

However, polygamy does still take place across the world, and is common in some areas. It can be seen as beneficial; if a polygamist family share a house, they also share the burdens of chores and work to keep the household going.

Friendships can develop and marriages can become more like communities; this might be appealing. In some cases there may be less risk of a disagreement ending in a stalemate, as discussions will have to take place between several people in order to reach some kind of democratic solution.

Children can have the input of numerous adults in their care and upbringing, which is valuable. Viewed in this manner, polygamy is not always a problematic way to live. However, this is not the case in all polygamist marriages, which can present unique and difficult challenges and in many cases historically around the worldoppress the women involved who may have no choice or freedom to leave.

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Challenges And Unique Effects of Polygamy One great risk of polygamy is that it can be rooted in power. If there is one husband and several wives, it suggests that he holds the majority of power. He might be able to pick and choose between wives, favouritism and manipulation are commonplace.The Negative Effects of a Polygamous Lifestyle The Negative Effects of a Polygamous Lifestyle Sociology Polygamy sociology of the family Anti-Polygamy Lifestyle Many people believe that you are meant to be with one person for the rest of your life, That’s the commitment you make when you marry someone, or at least that’s what it’s supposed to mean.

Even so, some things are allowed in polygamy sects. Cell phones, high-end SUVs, sometimes computers, and laser surgery are some of the things that are highly favored and utilized. Living arrangements vary by culture. This is an oppressive and unfair lifestyle and culture within the cycle of marriage to an African woman.

The expectation of a polygamous marriage is a high number of children. ABU DHABI // Women in polygamous marriages often suffer from negative emotions, a new study has found. Experts have said such feelings were expected and that the responsibility of relieving those. Polygamous marriages are void and your second or third wife is not entitled to any state benefits that would be given to a recognized wife in the UK Polygamy is known to have negative effects on children.

For instance, the rivalry among wives can cause learning of division and discrimination at a young age. Also, if there are many children. The impact of polygamy on women has both economic and emotional aspects. The research has found that many men in both lower and middle economic groups marry second wives so that they will contribute to the economic maintenance of their polygamous families.

The negative effects of a polygamous lifestyle
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