The witch of blackbird pond vocab

Speare's second novel, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, is a romantic, historical tale about a young girl's rebellion against bigotry and her Puritan surroundings.

The witch of blackbird pond vocab

Fourteen-year-old Sara Godfrey is going through a transitional adolescent time of life and is experiencing many new changes throughout her summer. Sara perceives herself as puny, flawed, and defective. After the girls argue for some time, Sara decides to give into her older sister.

The two girls settle down into a conversation and begin to talk of their mentally handicap brother, Charlie. Sara and Wanda discuss the hardships of having a handicapped brother and how even through the hardships, they still love him. Aunt Willie, being the protective guardian, decides that Wanda is not going to take a ride with Frank anywhere on his motor scooter.

Eventually, after a deal Frank makes with Aunt Willie, Wanda and Frank go to see the swans at the lake. Sara also wants to go see the swans, so she takes Charlie with her down to the lake.

Once at the lake, Charlie is mesmerized by the swans and their grace and beauty. Sara hands Charlie some stale bread to break apart and throw to the swans.

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With the sun setting, the two walk back to the house. Charlie, intrigued by the swans, decides in the middle of the night to go and visit the swans again. Lost in the darkness, Charlie does not head toward the lake; rather he turns and heads towards the woods behind the house.

The witch of blackbird pond vocab

He stumbles and falls on a log and then is frightened by the sound of barking dogs. Scared, Charlie hides in a cave and tries to sleep.

In the morning, Sara gets up and begins her normal routine of getting ready for school. When Sara goes into the kitchen for breakfast, she notices something different.

Charlie is not eating breakfast as usual. Sara finds this extremely odd since Charlie keeps the same schedule. Everyone in the house is awoken by Sara and begins searching for Charlie. Aunt Willie calls the police immediately and reports that Charlie is missing.

After no sign of Charlie at the lake, Sara begins searching the woods.

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Mary shows up with her hair in curlers for a party that night hosted by her date Benny Hoffman. Sara sends Mary home because she is only concerned about not ruining her hair or getting dirty before the party.

Finally, after many hours of searching and with the help of Joe Melby, a former enemy, Sara finds the cold, wet, and hungry Charlie. While hugging Charlie, Sara realizes how much she truly loves her brother.

Sara learned to take initiative of a situation and succeeded. Sara is surprised and taken back, but then decides to go with him.Greenwich Catholic School serves PreK-8th grade students and is located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Learn witch of blackbird pond vocabulary with free interactive flashcards.

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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

[Elizabeth George Speare] -- Kit Tyler left her luxurious home in Barbados to visit her Puritan aunt in colonial Connecticut. While there she became friendly with Hannah, the witch of Blackbird Pond. That's the decision Elizabeth George Speare made in The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Set in the late 's in Puritan Connecticut, Speare tells the story of Katherine ''Kit'' Tyler.

The Newbery Shelf: The Summer of the Swans (by Betsy Byars)

Jan 17,  · Vocab Speed Quiz 56 | Important Synonyms & Antonyms Part 3 The Witch of Blackbird Pond Chapter 5 - Duration: arun khanna 2, views. The Witch of Blackbird Pond Vocabulary Top-Ranked Words with Sample Sentences from the Book (click/touch triangles for details) annex.

The witch of blackbird pond vocab

1 use. 1 —1 use as in: annexed the community. The Colony of Connecticut is annexed to Massachusetts.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond Unit: Character Analysis and Vocabulary