Unit 4 business communication task 1

She'd just received an email from her boss, Gus, saying that the product proposal she'd been working on wasn't going to be signed off after all. It didn't make any sense. A week ago she'd been in a meeting with Gus and he'd seemed really positive about it all.

Unit 4 business communication task 1

Outline electronic and non-electronic methods for communicating business information, using examples for different types of audience.

The first type of information that I am focusing on is written information that is on screen, the form of the communication is a PowerPoint presentation which is used electronically to present information to members of staff.

Unit 4 business communication task 1

This information is internal as it is in the business its self explained to its target audience who are the employees. The purpose of the electronic and non-electronic methods of this information is to keep customers updated but also the members of staff, the audiences are satisfied for the way that the information is presented to them.

The target audience for the face-to-face information is the customers, an example of a non-electronic method is in Apple store there is a member of staff who would stand and present themselves to members of the public.

Their aim is to sell the product and explain as much information as they possibly can, the benefit of this is that customers can ask questions and they can be answered directly then and there. This sort of communication is suitable for the employees as they can watch the video of the new product as many times as they need to learn more about it.

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The third type of communication is multimedia, this is an electronic form and the target audience is members of the public. I am going to focus on the company Costa that created an advert for their target audience, business men and women.

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Unit 4: Customer Service in Travel and Tourism Unit code: L// QCF Level 3: BTEC National customer loyalty and improve business performance.

Unit 4 business communication task 1

This unit introduces learners to the principles of as personal presentation, teamwork and communication skills are all exceptionally important to the provision of excellent service.

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Completion of this unit should take approxi-mately hours. UNIT 4: INCIDENT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT UNIT 4: INCIDENT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Page Basic Incident Command System (ICS) Independent Study transportation, and each Task Force must have communication capability between its leader and.

Body language is a mix of gestures, postures and expressions. Use it to improve your understanding of other people and to engage with them positively.

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